Jumpy Witch


Hang out with the jumpy witch


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Jumpy Witch is a 2D platform game where players control a witch trying to get as far as possible through a wild forest full of danger.

The witch can't fly, but she can jump and glide. Your aim is thus to move from platform to platform trying to catch the balls of light placed on each one. If you miss and land beyond the platform, you'll lose the game.

Gameplay in Jumpy Witch is simple: keep your finger on the screen to make the witch fly, and take your finger off for her to start slowly falling. It can be difficult in the beginning to properly calculate the speed of your fall so you land at the right moment on smaller platforms, but later on you'll have no choice.

Jumpy Witch is a simple and fun platform game with excellent graphics. The only problem is that there is just one scenario available as well as just one character, meaning your games might be a bit short. Or not. Who knows.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher